Treatment for Bad Breath in North York

Bad Breath - Dental services in North York Toronto

Bad breath (or “halitosis”) can come from sources ranging from dry mouth (from talking for extended periods for example), decomposition of food particles in and around your teeth, foods high in sulphur compounds such as garlic and cabbage all the way to lifestyle and habit choices such as tobacco use, either chewed or smoked. Bad breath is most often caused by reasons that can be controlled and limited by maintaining a regimen of good oral hygiene.

Some Tips for Fresh Breath:

  • Floss - flossing removes food particles from between the teeth eliminating an element of ‘bad breath'
  • Brush your teeth after every meal – brushing will clean the surface of your teeth and gums eliminating bad breath causing bacteria and prolonging the life of your teeth. It was good advice when you were a kid and its good advice today
  • Scrub you tongue – many new tooth brushes come with a tongue scrubbing side. More than half of the bacteria that cause bad breath can be found on your tongue
  • Keep your mouth moist – avoid sugary beverages, but be sure to drink a lot of water. Aside from being good for hydration, the water acts to flush your mouth of the bacteria causing bad breath
  • Visit your dentist regularly - aside from keeping your teeth in top shape, your dentist can look for signs of periodontal disease and other treatable causes of halitosis

Halitosis can also reflect serious medical conditions, such as chronic infections in the lungs to kidney and liver failure. Dieting and fasting can slow down the stimulation of saliva flow and result in “offensive” breath.

If your concerns go beyond morning breath, please ask our North York dental team for more information. We'd be happy to give you some “fresh” oral hygiene tips.