Back to School Dental Checklist: Preparing Your Child's Smile


Summer is a time for kids to create unforgettable memories with their friends and families. They get to enjoy the beauty of nature and participate in various fun activities like summer camps, retreats, and vacations. Amidst all the fun, it may be easy to forget to take care of their dental health. While you have probably been preparing for the new school year, have you thought about checking in on their smile? To ensure your kids start the new school year with a healthy smile, below are some tips to help maintain their dental hygiene.

Schedule a Dental Checkup:

First things first, schedule a dental checkup. It's important to get your child in for a routine checkup before school starts. Kids may have avoided brushing and flossing during their summer camps. Regular dental visits will help to catch any dental issues early on and help promote preventative care.

Get a New Toothbrush:

Did you know that you should replace your child's toothbrush, or electric toothbrush head, every 3 - 4 months? If the toothbrush's bristles become frayed or worn out, it is less effective at removing plaque and bacteria. Back-to-school season is the perfect time for a new toothbrush that will keep your child's teeth clean until around winter break.

Choose Teeth-Friendly Snacks:

It's important to consider how nutrition affects our oral health. Choosing snacks that are beneficial for dental health such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, and yogurt can provide essential vitamins and minerals that help strengthen teeth and gums.

Parents know it's best to limit sugary and acidic snacks and drinks for our kids as they can contribute to tooth decay. By making mindful food choices, we can promote good oral health and prevent potential dental issues.

Get a Custom-fitted Mouth Guard:

If your child participates in sports or other physical activities in the fall, consider getting them a custom-fitted sports mouthguard. A mouthguard protects against dental injuries, such as chipped or knocked-out teeth. Talk to your child's dentist about obtaining a mouthguard that fits comfortably and provides maximum protection.

Update Vaccinations:

Some diseases can affect oral health, so make sure your kid is up to date on their immunizations. Vaccinations for diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B protect your child's overall health and can prevent oral complications.

Check Orthodontic Appliances:

It's important to keep up with your child's orthodontic treatment if they wear braces or other appliances. Scheduling regular appointments with their orthodontist will ensure that their progress is on track and that any necessary adjustments can be made.

Educate on Oral Health Habits:

It's super important to teach kids about taking good care of their teeth! This includes teaching them the proper techniques for brushing and flossing, with an emphasis on reaching all areas of the mouth, including the tongue. It's also important to talk to them about what can happen if they don't take care of their teeth, like getting cavities or gum disease. To maintain good oral health, it's important to encourage your child to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and to floss daily.

Starting the new school year with a healthy mouth is essential for academic and life success. Follow a dental checklist to maintain optimal oral health and ensure your child's school year gets off to a great start. Schedule your child's back-to-school checkup with our office today!


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