5 Tips to Protect Your Smile This Summer

Summer is finally here! While summer brings lots of excitement and fun with its warmth, it also tends to disrupt normal routines, including dental routines. As you take more time to relax by the pool or beach, enjoy a family BBQ, or go away for a vacation, keep these 5 tips in mind to make sure your teeth stay healthy and shiny this summer!

Take It Easy on the Sweets

Summer brings so many delicious treats such as ice cream, slushies, candy, pops... you name it! These are especially tempting and convenient when you're on the go. However, the sugar in these treats, mixed with the bacteria in your mouth, can create acid that damages your teeth's enamel and lead to tooth decay. Consume these treats in moderation and always rinse your mouth with water afterwards to help wash away acid and food residue, until you can properly brush and floss.

Stay Hydrated with Water

Hotter days mean more perspiration, especially if you're being active while hiking or playing sports. It can be tempting to stay hydrated by reaching for sugary drinks like ice-cold lemonade, sodas, or sports drinks to quench your thirst, but these drinks tend to dehydrate you faster while worsening your oral health.

Cold water is a much better choice for your oral health and overall health. Not only is it naturally sugar-free, but water also keeps your mouth clean and increases your saliva levels, which in turn boosts the natural tooth-decay-fighting proteins in your mouth.

Protect Your Teeth While Playing Summer Sports

With the nice weather, you might be joining a summer sports league like soccer, baseball or basketball, or maybe this is the time of the year that you bust out the bicycles or rock climbing gear. Regardless of which sport you are going to engage in, it is important to protect your teeth during all of your summer activities.

The best way to protect your teeth while playing sports is with a custom-fitted mouthguard. Dental injuries from playing sports are some of the most expensive to fix. Mouthguards can help prevent chipped and broken teeth, as well as tooth loss entirely. Custom-fitted mouth guards also protect the overall structure of your mouth much better than over-the-counter ones. Contact our office today to get a custom-fitted mouthguard to protect your smile!

Protect Your Lips

Protecting your lips is an essential part of maintaining good oral health. The skin on your lips is thinner and contains less melanin, making them more sensitive to sunlight and more likely to get sunburnt on sunny days. Too much sun exposure could lead to an increased risk of skin cancer on your lips. The most effective way to protect your lips from the sun is with a lip balm with an SPF of at least 15. Don't forget to reapply it every couple of hours throughout the day, as you would with sunscreen for your body.

Visit Your Dentist Before Your Summer Getaway

Don't forget to keep up with your regular brush and floss routine throughout the summer. Remember, your teeth don't take a vacation! If you're travelling for an extended period of time, it's best to book a dental check-up with us before you go. Dental issues and emergencies are much easier to deal with at home with your regular dentist. Contact us today to book an appointment!

We hope you'll find these simple tips helpful while you enjoy the warm summer weather. And remember that in case of a dental emergency this summer, our doors are always open for you!


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